Frequently asked questions

Will my Regional Sales Consultant be the same person each week?
Yes. We assign you a Regional Sales Consultant that we feel will be a good fit for your hotel and your market. Our intentions are to keep you partnered with the same person throughout the length of your contract and longer if you choose to extend. Should a rare circumstance arise in which we might have to make a change, we will always notify you prior to making any changes.
How many hours a week does my Regional Sales Consultant spend on my hotel?
Each hotel is different and we can never predict how busy a week can be. Your Regional Sales Consultant works on behalf of your hotel each day. We never designate a specific number of hours per hotel because our promise is to answer each inquiry the same day to ensure business opportunities are not missed.

Do you support more than one hotel in the same market?
Unless the hotels are managed and owned by the same individual or group, we will not represent another hotel within a five-mile radius of your hotel. We have strong connections and resources. The last thing we want to do is sell against ourselves.
Will my Regional Sales Consultant physically work at my hotel?
All our our Regional Sales Consultants work remotely. They will be handling all aspects of the sales process virtually. Your Regional Sales Consultant can however make a trip to your hotel and visit your local market if you prefer. You will be responsible for all travel related fees.

How many hotels does each Regional Sales Consultant work on at a time?
To ensure your receiving the best value possible, we do not assign more than 7 hotels to each of our Regional Sales Consultants.
What happens if I want to end my contract early?
For annual contracts, you can opt out after 120 days with a 30-day written notice.

Will my Regional Sales Consultant have experience with my brand?
We specialize in the art of selling. Regardless of the brand or operating system, we know how to capture a sale. All of our Regional Sales Consultants have years of industry experience and are the best at what they do. We will always assign a Regional Sales Consultant that has experience with your brand unless we do not have the availability. In either case, this will be reviewed with your team prior to the start of our services.
Can I get a discount for signing up more than one hotel?
Yes! We are more than happy to provide you with a discount if you sign up more than one hotel at a time. We will also apply a discount to your account should you decide to sign up multiple hotels at a later date. Have referrals? Telling your friends about us can also earn you additional savings. We appreciate you spreading the word about our company and want to reward you for doing so. Call us today to see how you can save!

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